Friday, November 6, 2009

It Gets Cold In West Virginia

It gets cold in West Virginia.

Now this is the road to Grandma's house. I literally go over the hill, through the woods and snow to get to Grandma's house. It's tucked in a little valley between two ridges and regularly gets buried under feet of snow in the wintertime. I took this photo about a year ago when it snowed and Dad took me out driving so I could take some pictures. I remember seeing this broken fence and figuring it would make a good picture and getting out of the truck and walking over to it. I stepped off the road and into snow that was more than knee deep.

Tomorrow I've got portraits scheduled in the morning for Douthat. The weather is calling for a sunning 65 degrees and I hope that's the last real warm day we have for a while. I want it cold for Thanksgiving and I want it snowing for Christmas.

I've already set a day to decorate the house for Christmas. I don't know yet what we'll do for a tree, if we'll stay artificial or buy a real one, but I really want to deck the halls this year. The house has been pretty well completely redecorated anyway so I figure we may as well enjoy it.

Now I know the true reason for Christmas, the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. And I give thanks for that reason. But I also really enjoy all the fun decorations and traditions. Last year was such a new experience being newly married and then having the crisis erupt the day after Christmas that we didn't really get anything settled in as far as traditions.

That's going to change this year. We also didn't get nearly as much decorating done inside the house as I would have liked. That's going to change this year too.

Anyone out there have any fun traditions? I'm always up for something cool and Christmas-like, so pass 'em along.

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