Monday, April 19, 2010

Panoramic Falls

It's been a while since I last posted. I would tell you that I've been busy writing and penning words that would move you to tears and provoke you to gales of laughter, but the truth is I haven't.

The weekend was completely taken up by Bethany's birthday and the week with various other chores. However, I did manage to make it to the base of Falling Spring Falls Monday afternoon.

The image you see posted above is a composite of three photographs, stitched together and cropped into a panoramic 12x36. The file size was huge, so I had to save it for use on the Internet. That option degrades the quality a bit, so if it seems a little fuzzy that's why.

Interestingly enough, the mist coming off the falls gave a nice, soft focus affect to the shot without me having to  add it on in Photoshop. I plan on offering some of these for sale in the future, which is why it has a border and my name on it. Hopefully I'll be back on the regular blogging schedule this week.

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