Monday, September 19, 2011


I really, really don't like spiders.

I wouldn't say that I'm afraid of them, but I will admit to being a little creeped out by the bigger ones. The little ones don't bother me that much. They scamper away quickly when they see me coming for them. Except for Black Widows, which we have always had up here in abundance. They seem to know their little hourglass covered ass is badder than the rest of the little ones, so they'd don't run. They do, however, get smashed a little quicker for it.

No, the ones that get me are the bigger ones. You know what I'm talking about. The Brown Recluses and the Wolf Spiders. These are the eight-legged little monsters that grow up to be a spider of intimidating proportions. I bet J.R.R. Tolkien saw one of these and found his inspiration for Shelob. They're just nasty.

I think I prefer the quick movements of the smaller ones. Whenever I see one of those big spiders creeping oh-so-slowly along my baseboard or down a tree, I can tell the thing is figuring out how it's going to eat me. Oh it's already decided it's going to have me for dinner. I can see it in that slow stalking creep in my direction. The spider would be moving faster if only it had figured out how it was going to jump on me and eat me. Depending on the size of the monster, I either kill the thing before or figures it out or move out of attack range pretty quickly.

The one I smashed this morning was on the upper edge of the killing range. A few more inches and I would've put the house up for sale.

I really, really don't like spiders.

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