Sunday, August 30, 2009

Getting in the Habit

So as you can see the blog as improved a bit with a couple of pictures. Hopefully there will be more soon as I can process through them and continue to post to this blog.

My wife, Bethany and I, have founded a photography business, Hagy's Photography, in our home in Clifton Forge. While we specialize in weddings we can handle just about any photography job with the exception of sports team pictures. Those we pass along to our friend and professional photographer Chuck Almarez at Kid Pix Photography. We've spent the summer dealing with the weddings we've shot and we're down to one left to process. With any luck it will be out the door this week.

I much prefer to focus on outdoor photography, as you can tell by the photos I've posted so far. This weekend I tried out my new Hoya Yellow filter for black and white photos. The results have been very promising. If you scroll down to the bottom of this fair blog you'll see the panorama I made from four images shot in the creek behind my Grandpa's house. They were stitched together using the software that comes with Windows Vista on my sister's laptop.

I'm pretty happy with the results I'm seeing from the filter and as a result I purchased a Nikon Red filter. As a die hard Canon man, it was hard to make that Nikon purchase, but you can't beat a brand name like Nikon for quality. The weather's done nothing but offer up cloudy days so the landscape shots the red filter is reputed to excel at haven't yet been possible. This week should give me some opportunity to fix that.

For now, Sunday evening is winding down into Sunday night and it's time to put things in order for the week ahead. I'll process some more images from the weekend's work later tonight and get them up in the next day or so.

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