Friday, December 18, 2009


Well, we're snowed in. Officially. Deeply and getting deeper.

We had glorious plans for the day and they worked out until about 2 0'clock. Bethany had her hair done, we tried out the new diner at Low Moor and she went out to attempt a little Christmas shopping. At 2 o'clock the snow started falling. And falling. And falling.

We had great plans for dinner and two nice, fresh baked loaves of bread to take down to Chris & Sarah's for a great Christmas dinner. (You can check out her blog over at The Student Knitter). We tried, but halfway there the road was closed by a wreck. The first alternate route was up over the Heights and those roads weren't scraped at all. So we double back to attempt taking the interstate, but as we reach the on ramp we can see that we're not getting up that either. Cars were sliding everywhere.

So we ended up at home for the evening. It's great being snowed in, but I'm bummed about missing dinner. The forecast here is for anywhere between 14 and 23 inches. We have an easy five inches on the ground now and there's no sign of it slowing up. Personally, I'm pulling for a full two feet. I think the last time we had this much snow was about 1996. Mom kept a snowball in the freezer from that storm for years.

With this much snow on the ground, it's time for getting deeper into The Wheel of Time, writing a book or three and maybe even sledding at Donovan's house down the road. Right now, though, we have some chicken in the oven and I think we're about to have a little fire in the ol' fireplace. Someone should write a Christmas song about that...

The photo I've posted tonight was taken in Roanoke a few weeks back before the wedding when I met Scott. These are the tools of his trade. I love the colors in the photo and couldn't help but post it for that reason. Tomorrow I'll try to post something from the storm if I can get the door open to shoot anything.

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