Friday, September 17, 2010

A Fun Friday

One thing I really enjoy about Fridays is the anticipation of the weekend and this one is going to be a good one. We have pictures to take and process, of course, but we're going to spend some time with a good friend playing the Wii and hopefully have some space to relax in there somewhere.

On the work front I just got off the phone with Heather Gladden and she's on board and sounds excited to get started on some stuff for our Druid project. I met with Devan yesterday and he left me with a better idea of where the story is going and some research materials to delve into Celtic history. All I need now is a new keyboard because this one just isn't making me happy when it comes down to spending quality writing hours at it.

The Druid project is going to be something a little different for Devan and I. We're setting out with the idea of writing a young adult novel and we're going to take the time to really hammer at this and use it as a benchmark to see where our writing skills are at. It will be a true collaborative effort and may even be something we take to an agent and see about making a career out of this writing hobby.

But before I can do any of that, the house needs to be cleaned before we leave for a very good home cooked dinner. Better get moving.

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