Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dream Lake

What you're seeing here is Dream Lake in Luray Caverns. Believe it or not, that's actually a really, really shallow and small lake of water on the bottom half. It moves so slowly and is so free of imperfections that it creates a perfect mirror image of what is above it. The mirror image is so perfect that I had to be told that it was water before I realized it.

Luray Caverns are the biggest caverns on the East Coast and Bethany and I took a little overnight vacation there over the summer. I was never much on caverns before, but these caverns are most definitely worth your time and expense. Shooting inside the caverns was a challenge, since there's obviously no natural light down there and what light there is is artificial. I took a lot of shots and had no idea whether or not they would turn out when I got them on the big screen. I was fortunate to have spent much of my early photography career shooting football games at night and attempting astrophotography. Without that knowledge in my background, I doubt that I would have succeeded. I've got more than a few shots from here that haven't seen the light of day, so I'll be posting them up on the blog soon.

On an unrelated note, we finally have the floor completely down in the house. The contractors are coming back Monday morning to finish some trim work and do a little painting, but it's down to the minor details. As much as I wish the whole process would go faster, I understand that it takes time to get the insurance lined up and then the work itself just takes time to do, just like surveying. I've got nothing but good things to say about the service I've been provided so far and nothing but compliments on the quality of work they've done. I'll still be looking forward to having it all finished, though.

Tomorrow brings some senior portraits and then a trip through a corn maze in Union, West Virginia. It'll be nice to get away and relax a little bit before a hectic week sets in again on Monday. I'm hoping my weekends will start getting a little freer and I can spend some quality Sunday afternoon time in front of my flat screen with a little high definition NFL football action.

For now, some popcorn and an episode or two of Bones awaits.

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