Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Hand of Time

It's Halloween.

I love Halloween. Particularly this one. The sky is overcast, the wind is blowing and the leaves are dancing around. Halloween always has a surreal feel to me, like we're celebrating something that goes beyond memory at a time when the world around me seems so much more crisp and alive.

Jack o'Lanterns are lit. There's a Ghost Hunters marathon on the tube. Most importantly, there are two bowls of candy by the door.

I'm all for Trick or Treating. Mom made some awesome costumes for us as kids and I think everyone should be able to safely send their kids around the block a time or two to load up on treats. It's a harmless tradition that gave me many happy memories as a kid. Once upon a time our street was pretty heavily toured by the local Trick or Treaters. It trailed off a bit the last few years due to the awesome haunted house the Clifton Forge Police Department ran, but I'm hoping that it will pick back up.

The photo I'm posting tonight is accidentally appropriate. I took it a while back when I was playing around with my macro lens with the clock on the mantel as my subject. Since I don't really have any Halloween photos I was looking for something different and landed on this one. And it's also a reminder that we're supposed to set our clocks back tonight and savor that extra hour of sleep. So cool.

So, yes, it's late fall, it's house is back in one piece and I have books to read...

Life is good.

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