Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Final Fall Pic and New Floors!

We've finally got some flooring down! These things take time, I know, but it seems like forever when you've got nothing but concrete beneath your feet. But the laminate is down, the trim work will be finished on Friday and we're finally able to put the house back into some semblance of normal. We've got two rooms to paint that we hope to finish off before next weekend and then we'll have everything settled in for the holidays.

To completely change the subject, this should be the last of my Roaring Run pictures for a while. There are others in the file from last week, but I've worn the creek out on the ol' blog and I think I'll start looking for a wider range of subjects now that we're pretty much passing the peak of the autumn showcase of leaves.

I have a folder of untouched, unposted pics I'll start with the next blog update, including some from a little vacation Bethany and I took to Luray Caverns. Those pictures haven't really seen the light of day since the summer because we've been buried under a mountain of wedding photographs and it's time they get a little fresh air.

Speaking of fresh air, tomorrow brings a trip to Rockbridge County to do a little surveying work before heading back home to have a portrait session for a two-month-old. A subject that young will be new territory for me, but not Bethany as she was trained for this during her stint at Olan Mills.

My reading slump is about to end as well. I haven't been hitting the pages too much since finishing The Eagle, but my next David Liss novel, The Coffee Trader, (which I picked up for a penny) will be here soon and a trip to Roanoke should snag me a couple of Trek novels as well as the long awaited next volume in the late Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. It was a tragedy indeed that Mr. Jordan died of a rare blood disease before he could finish writing the series he started decades ago. Fortunately, he left a great deal of notes and basically handpicked his successor to finish the final volume, which has been split into three books due to length. While Robert Jordan is definitely missed in the world of epic fantasy literature, I cheer that his series will not be left unfinished and his legacy incomplete.

If only George R.R. Martin would hurry it along with his next novel, all would be right with the world.

For now, I think I'm going to enjoy a rare evening on the couch with my wife watching Ghost Hunters on SyFy before calling it an evening.

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