Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Six Jars of Salsa And A Pickle

Sometimes the world laughs at me.

See, it all started last night. Bethany had to go to Lewisburg for her first practice for the spring concert season of the Greenbrier Valley Chorale. Since I had to meet with a bride whose wedding we will be shooting in a foot of snow Saturday, I couldn't go with her. Since the next day (today) was going to be trash day, I cleaned out the refrigerator and threw out everything that needed to be thrown out.

I know I've been a little under the weather lately and haven't handled any grocery shopping or much in the way of cooking. Even so, what was left in our fridge caught me by surprise. Six jars of salsa, two cans of those Pillsbury biscuits that come in the vacuum sealed cans, three jars of pickles, two bags of cheese and a green pepper.

I have nothing for that. Those ingredients won't even make a decent stuffed pepper. I even called Dick Muterspaugh, my usual culinary consultant, and he couldn't come up with anything. Fortunately, there was a can of homestyle chicken noodle soup in the cabinet.

Fast forward to this morning. I always set two alarms that are 10 to 15 minutes apart depending on what I have facing me the next day. I have a habit of hitting the snooze too much and setting two alarms cures that. Well, I figured last night I would set my first alarm and use Bethany's alarm for my second alarm. It would have worked out beautifully except that she had her phone on vibrate during chorale practice and hadn't switched it back to ring. Instead of ringing like a normal alarm, the phone vibrated. That phone vibrated its little heart out for at least 15 minutes before either one of us realized it.

So my day was off to a roaring start. To make it better, my subscription to The Amazing Spider-Man is about to run out, so I try to renew online and Marvel's online renewal system is experiencing technical difficulties and will be for the foreseeable future.

Yes, I'm pretty sure the world is laughing at me today.

I did make a little headway with the guitar last night. I've been working on finding the tone I like best for my Fender Starcaster. A Starcaster is basically a Stratocaster without some of the fancier bells and whistles. It's perfect for an advanced beginner/intermediate player such as myself. One of the neat things about an electric guitar is the ability to flip a switch and change the blending of the pickups to give the guitar an entirely different sound. It's taking some work but I'm finally getting my Strat in balance in regards to what I like in the tone.

I learned the majority of Wonderwall by Oasis last night. The bridge needs a little work yet and I hope to polish it off tonight. After I get the mechanics of playing down I'll start playing against the song and working on learning to sing it at the same time.

But all that will happen after a much needed trip to the grocery store where I refuse to allow a single jar of salsa, can of pickles or pack of cheese into the buggy.

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