Monday, September 28, 2009

First Photos of the Fall Season

Ah, a little field work on a beautiful fall morning gave me the opportunity to snap a few pics for some fresh blog material.

I'm sure many of my readers have visited Falling Spring Falls, located on Rt. 220 as you travel north toward Hot Springs, just ten minutes or so from Covington. Thomas Jefferson once raved about its beauty. It's fed by a warm water spring and the water temperature is in the 70s year round. Now, the picture above isn't off the falls. Rather this is a photograph of some cascades upstream from the falls. I've been fortunate to have worked on a survey crew nearly all the way around the falls and I've even seen the point where the spring comes out of the ground to feed this famous fall. In the course of my job I've been able to see some sights that not very many people have the opportunity to see, so I thought I'd pass this one along.

Now this photo is of Falling Spring Falls taken from the overlook. At some point I'd love to work my way down to the bottom and shoot close ups of those little cascades down at the bottom. This photo was taken as an experiment with the black and white setting on my Rebel XT with the Yellow K2 filter attached. I'm pretty pleased with the results and have used the filter quite a bit since this photo.

It was a beautiful fall morning and I even caught a glimpse of some of the first foliage to change. It was a maple and it was a glorious red and it gave me my first opportunity to use my brand new polarizer. As promised, I'm posting the result here and I'm pretty excited about it. I bought it, among other things, for fall foliage because it brings out the colors and takes the glare of the sun off the leaves.

Now that I've shown you the first of fall's color show I'm going to show you something from the world of macro photography. As a little introduction, you should know that a macro lens can reproduce something small at a 1:1 ratio onto your camera sensor (film). What that means is that when you make a 4x6 print, that image is reproduced at 9 times life size. It makes for some really neat photographs, such as the one shown below.

Wow, I thought I'd get a week's worth of blogging material out of today's shoot, but I got excited and wanted to get them all posted. Guess I'll just have to go wandering about in search of more photographs.


  1. hehe guess I should make my way up to those falls sometime, huh?

    The fall leaves are super pretty, thanks for sharing. :)