Friday, September 4, 2009

Morning Glories & Tater Tots

It's Friday and I'm off on the start of a four day weekend with a paycheck in my hand. As I stepped outside into the wonderfully cool morning air I noticed yet another sign of the impending fall season. My Morning Glories have shrunken in size. In the middle of summer they can be huge, spreading out to two to three inches (I think, though I've never really measured). Now that the nights and mornings are cooler they are noticeably smaller and the vines are starting to wither. If this trend continues, I'll be pulling them off the porch by the end of next week.

So to commemorate these beautiful flowers that offer me no end of enjoyment, I offer up the above photo, which I call Glorious Bumbling. I had thought about posting a different photo without the bee showing a macro close up of the water droplets, but the bee was just too much fun to resist. Photos that you'll see on this blog that are similar to this one will be taken with a Canon EF 50mm macro lens. It has the capability of reproducing an image at a 1:1 ratio, which means that a 4x6 print of a photo taken at that ration will be 9 times life size when printed. Pretty cool, isn't it?

It is with sadness and a partially empty stomach that I must report the passing of the Hardee's Country Potatoes. As I made it to my computer after stopping for breakfast I discovered that Hardee's has switched back to the venerable tater tot in their combos. Personally, I much prefer the country potatoes. I was so disappointed that I didn't even eat my tater tots. They always seem too greasy anyway, and the Country Potatoes had a wonderful flavor. They will be missed.

As I mentioned, it is a four day weekend in honor of Labor Day and there will be a cookout out our house on Monday. I'm going to try my hand at some different foods this time around, specifically on some slow cooker jambalaya and some barbecue grilled chicken drumsticks that should spice up the otherwise normal cookout fare. Naturally this means extra house cleaning and mowing, but fortunately there isn't much left to do on the house other than just sprucing the place up a bit.

Mowing. ::Sigh:: I hate mowing. Whenever I see these happy people on real estate commercials buying their first home I quietly laugh because they never show them happily mowing the grass. There are people in this world who enjoy it, but I'm definitely not one of them. Yard work is a chore, not a hobby. I love flowers and gardening, but mowing and all the assorted trimming and landscaping is definitely not my cup of Pepsi (I know it's supposed to be tea. I don't like tea so I'm changing it to Pepsi).

And speaking of these assorted chores, I'd better get to it. I hope to keep daily posting up on Saturday and perhaps even later today, but I'm heading to West Virginia and access to my photo library will be limited. However I'm heading west with the intention and hope of making some new images, so keep an eye open for something fun.

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