Monday, September 14, 2009

To The Moon

So a busy day or two has passed since my last posting and I wish I could say they were filled with football and relaxing, but that's just not the way it goes sometimes.

I have, however, been able to work out tuning my guitar down a half-step and I'm working on figuring out Broken by Seether. It's decently complex but not impossible and I'm starting to get the intro and first verse smoothed out. Once I have it down I'll moved on to the chorus. I actually miss taking lessons, though I was playing pieces I wasn't as interested in for them. There is so much basic stuff that I'm sure I'm missing that more lessons would make clear and I hope to get to start them again soon.

Bethany starts practice with the Greenbrier Valley Chorale tonight and that will mean weekly trips to Lewisburg and then on to Rupert to hang out with my family for a couple hours. I really enjoy being back early to pick her up at Carnegie Hall because the campus is beautiful, there's an old stone church across the street that will be photographed at some point and at 9 o'clock the church bells chime the hour. It's almost like being back in time a few decades in a sleepy, safe and small little town.

I have hopes of working on The Crownless King this week, but housework will have to take priority as we're still working on the remodeling before the new floors are put down. The hall and bathroom are next up, though the bathroom is not near as pressing as the hall. These should be simple changes, though, since the areas areas are small and should just require some fresh paint and perhaps new paneling in the bathroom.

Sadly, the movie theaters are mostly empty of films I want to see. District 9 is still high on my list of must see movies and the long awaited sequel to The Boondock Saints, titled All Saints Day, will be out October 30 and I will definitely see that in theaters somewhere. There may be a few people out there who haven't heard of The Boondock Saints and if you haven't you need to watch it. It's a cult classic that on the surface is a shallow shoot 'em up, but in reality there are many, many layers to the film and many hidden "Easter eggs", so to speak, that really show off a deeper meaning. Be warned that the language is a bit strong and the violence can get graphic, but it's one of those rare films of that type that actually is worth your time.

I guess I should eventually explain the picture, shouldn't I? I took it earlier in the summer, late one evening, mostly because the cloud shaped reminded me of the pictures you see of the exhaust plume dissipating after a shuttle or rocket launch. The fact that the Moon can be seen in the upper portion of the picture was an added bonus for me since I've always been a student of the Apollo era missions. I hope we go back to the Moon again in my lifetime. Being an astronaut on a trip to the Moon would be a dream job for me, but I'd happily enjoy it vicariously if we go back.

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