Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Rainy Evening

Well I did manage to get a few pictures after all. We had a break in the madness of having a flooded house to go up to my uncle's farm for a little grilling, a location that never fails to pay off in pictures. We left as the rain was setting in for the evening, but I managed to snap about 30 shots, two of which I'm sharing here. I may post some panoramas later if I can steal my sister's laptop.
I wish I could say that I had some profound pearl of wisdom to impart to my loyal readers, but I'm too tired for philosophical meandering. I much closer to a nap than any hard thinking. So for now I'm going to find a chair where I can hear the rain hit the roof and a good book and wile away the evening before tomorrow brings more progress and hard work aimed toward putting the house back together.

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