Sunday, May 23, 2010

Typing Without Really Saying Anything

I love a good rainy weekend.

The rain started to set in here Friday evening and by Saturday afternoon was steady enough to nap by. The best part was it held off long enough for me to photograph the local triathlon. Saturday had to be one of my best shooting days ever. I had two stages to shoot, the run and kayak stage. The run stage went off without a hitch and with just a little practice I settled into a groove. The kayak stage went a little better this year than last since this year I was able to use a path down the side of the hill and down over some rocks to get a better angle on the river and the kayakers. I didn't have to rush any of my shots and everything went about as smoothly as it could.

Bethany and I spent the rest of the afternoon running around Roanoke. We didn't really accomplish anything, except for having a good dinner and spending a good hour in Books-A-Million just wandering around. Having a Kindle has completely changed the way that I'm going to shop for books. There are a few books out there that I actually want to own a hard copy of. But for the most part, I'm really starting to see where the Kindle comes in as a money and space saver. The books are usually cheaper and much easier to store. I took down a couple of names of books in the store that I figured I'd download later. I think I'll just start shopping at a library from now on and take my Kindle with me to download as I go.

One thing the Kindle doesn't have is comic books. I'm talking about newspaper strips like Garfield and Dilbert. I'll continue to buy those collections as they come out. In fact, I think I'm going to spend most of the summer chasing down all the Garfield collections that I can. There are 50 books out there and I don't have enough of them.

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