Monday, June 7, 2010

Another Week

Now this is my kind of day. The sun is shining (except for when it's not) and the wind is blowing strongly, keeping the temperatures comfortable.

This is going to be a fun week. We have a lot of friends coming up this week to hang out for dinner and various fun games, so it's a full week but a good one. The upside is that the books that Amazon has had on backorder for me for about a month now should be shipping out today, so I'll finally get to see what happens to Captain Jack Aubrey next. It'll be sad when I run out of those books.

The morning passed in a blur of errands and the afternoon will be zipping by with some chores. I have a little cleaning and yard work left to do yet, but nothing really strenuous. After polishing that off I'll be diving back into the book I'm working on with Devan. I've fallen behind on that, but with everything I've had happening in the past couple weeks, I'm fine with that.

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