Monday, June 14, 2010

Looking For Love In The Shoe Department

The great thing about photography is that there really are no rules, merely suggestions. There are the basics of how the camera works, but beyond that, anything goes. Like taking pictures of shoes and feet.

Believe it or not, the photo above came from an engagement shoot Bethany and I did a couple of weeks back. We traveled two and a half hours to the family farm and spent the afternoon roaming around looking for photo opportunities, of which there were plenty.

I believe that feet can be just as expressive as faces. I first took a shot of someone's shoes at a wedding a few years ago before Bethany and I struck out on our own. I liked it, though it was completely by chance that I came across the idea and had the perfect black and white set up. Bethany laughed at me then, and so did Lesley, who I was working for, but the "feet shot" is becoming more and more popular and requested more often.

This couple did, in fact, request that I take a picture of their boots. Naturally, I was happy to oblige them since I was going to do it anyway. Can you see the personalities in the boots? I can, especially now that I've spent more time getting to know the couple.

Now that I've blogged for the day I'm going to hit the laptop and start processing through the weekend shoots, which seemed to pretty well. I haven't looked at the results from either yet, but I'm feeling pretty good about them. I've thought about going out to Roaring Run or somewhere closer for some photos, but it's way too hot and humid out there to inspire me to do much in the way of that. Instead, I think I'll just stick close to home, work on photos and maybe even start cataloging the birds at my feeder.

I've started to make them accustomed to my presence. By moving slowly, a little more each day, I've managed to make it within 10 feet of the feeder before they fly off. This week I'll start taking the camera out and seeing what I can photograph if all goes well.

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