Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Getting Started All Over Again

Yesterday was, as Gandalf once said of Minas Tirith, "...the deep breath before the plunge."

Today is the plunge.

After a weekend of very successful shooting, Bethany and I have the better part of 1,000 pictures to sort through and process. At least half of them must be done by the weekend. Not only that, but I'm meeting with Heather this weekend to discuss the new project, so I need to have something significant to show her as well. On top of that, we have another bridal setting to shoot Saturday.

Oh, and I really want to find out how everything ends in the Percy Jackson series by polishing off The Last Olympian at some point.

Going to be a busy week.

I think I'd better go fix a sandwich first, though. I just can't do anything on an empty stomach.

1 comment:

  1. lol Chris's work schedule is so different now! We can actually meet up with you guys!! That is, if there's ever a free moment in your life. hehe