Friday, March 26, 2010

A Different Kind Of Alarm Clock

I stayed up late last night to watch the end of the Kansas State - Xavier basketball game. It took two overtimes for the second seeded Kansas State to put away Xavier 101-96 in a thrilling match. The game was everything that's thrilling about sports. Two closely matched teams going down to the wire in a battle that in the end was determined by who had the sheer guts to see it through to the end.

There is a rugged beauty to sports. No, wait, rugged isn't the right word. Perhaps brutal fits better. Let's try again. There's a brutal beauty to sports. There's always two sides struggling to see who is the best on any given day. Sports is Darwinism at its best. Only the best and strongest are allowed out on the court to play and only the best and strongest will walk away with a victory. It's beautiful.

I awoke this rainy Friday morning to a different and more natural kind of beauty: birds singing. Spring has most definitely arrived here in Virginia and one of the tell-tale signs of its long awaited appearance are the birds chirping outside my window. It's usually an altogether pleasant way to begin a day,  but today it was a bit jarring.

As I mentioned, I stayed up late last night to watch the basketball game. I slept in a little this morning before going out to start the Jeep (I always let it warm up for a few minutes before I take off). My head was still down, my brain was still fogged by sleep and I was fervently wishing that I was back in bed. The first sound I hear as I step out my door had to be a mockingbird.

Now, I say it had to be a mockingbird because the last thing this mockingbird had to have heard was a car alarm going off. One of those irritating alarms that goes off because the neighborhood cat jumps on the hood or some other inane reason. And for whatever reason the owner of the car must have taken his sweet time turning it off because this bird was loud, incessant and sounded just like a car alarm.

I didn't even know that was possible.

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