Thursday, March 25, 2010


It still seems odd to me that I can walk outside and feel comfortable. After the winter we've had here, every time that I step outside my door I almost hunch my shoulders and expect to be blasted my bitter cold air and falling snow. I don't usually have this feeling because typically I would have spent the winter out in the elements trying to work. About this time each year I can walk outside in short sleeves and be comfortable when the temperatures finally make it back up into the 30s. This year I spent the cold months in the office and then home after being laid off so it's strikingly odd to walk outside and actually be comfortable.

I haven't really made any great strides in any of my projects this week and I find that I'm OK with that. Sometimes you just have to sit back and wait for inspiration to hit. I've spent some time reading and looking into new music, both that I want to listen to and want to play. Right now I'm listening to We Are The Fallen's new single and so far I'm not really impressed. It's good, but not great. They've taken the American Idol contestant Carly Smithson and mixed her with some former members of Evanescence. What you get is almost an Evanescence knock-off band with a lead singer who, even though she can sing really well, is no Amy Lee.

I'm writing today just to be writing. I don't really have much to say, other than I'm hoping my book comes in the mail today and that I'm really looking forward to some homemade hamburgers this evening. We have the tax information figured out and it's a matter now of taking them to be processed (which is good considering the deadline is fast approaching). Oh, and apparently there's a comic book convention at the Salem Civic Center next Saturday. That's exciting (yes, I'm a nerd).

Some days I just write to be writing, to practice the art of putting one word down on paper after another. I don't always have something to say when I start out, but often I find something to say before I finish. Obviously, this really wasn't one of those times where I found something to say. So I think I'll just go do my Krogering and look forward to those burgers.

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