Monday, March 1, 2010

A New Week

It's Monday!

Normally I wouldn't be so excited about Mondays, but last week was a bit weird and kind of hectic and this week looks to be (hopefully) a little calmer.

Today I've already made a good deal of progress on the wedding photos and the cleaning of the house. Interestingly enough, I have a new writing challenge opening up this evening. A friend of mine from school, Tony Angell, proposed that once a week we take a subject and write independently about it and compare notes when we're finished. The subject can be some kind of opening line, a plot idea...anything goes. I, of course, immediately jumped on the idea. It's a pretty cool way to practice writing and at the same time maybe put down some ideas I have rattling around that don't belong inside of Blood & Steel or The Sea of Souls or anything else I have going on at the moment.

Speaking of the books, I'll throw out a bit a of shameless plug here. I'll be speaking and signing books March 18 at the Clifton Forge Public Library. I'll have 20 books on hand and will happily take orders should I sell out.

Blood & Steel has seen a little hiatus over the past week and while very little has been written, I've given a lot of thought to what comes next. I'm at a point in the novel where Sam will have to undergo some serious changes, both physically as well as in how he views the world. The challenges he's facing in this novel are not small ones, but so far he seems to be up to it. Character growth does not come easily, to the character or the writer, and the time I've taken to think things through last week will come in handily as I put pen to paper once more this week.

I've found an exciting blog by Jef Mallet. You'll find it in my blog list next to the postings over on the right side of your screen. Mr. Mallet is the author of Frazz, one of my favorite comic strips, as well as a couple other books. His blog postings are interesting and humorous and I recommend them to anyone wanting a little food for thought.

Hmmm....speaking of food I think I'll go start the process for dinner.

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