Monday, March 29, 2010

Electronic Combat Training

I woke up this morning without power. I don't mean power to get out of bed (though that was lacking just a little bit). No, I'm talking about electricity to turn on the lights. Last week, in an effort to prevent this from happening, the contractors were at the bottom of the hill trimming back the trees to keep them off the power lines.

They missed one. As I rolled down the road with Bryan this morning they were down there removing the tree and fixing the problem. It took a grand total of nearly four hours to restore power, so it wasn't anything more than a minor aggravation in a pretty good day.

I rode with Bryan, our local National Guard recruiter, to Staunton so that he could drop off some paperwork he was required to hand deliver. While in Staunton I participated in Electronic Combat Training (ECT). It's a military term we made up on the spot because what it really means is that we spent more than an hour in the arcade at the mall playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time. Classic arcade game. Very awesome. It made the entire trip worth it.

We also played a couple of first person shooter games to round things out. And since it made us a little later than planned for our workout, we told the third guy who works out with us that we were ECT. We figure he's going to show up at his next drill and ask the Sergeant if he can participate in ECT. It's fifty-fifty as to whether we're going to tell him what ECT means before hand.

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