Friday, February 26, 2010


Well it's Friday and it's the end of a long and weird week. I really can't say that I've accomplished a great deal because of all the running that we've had to do this week. I did, at least, make a pretty good dent in finishing off the wedding photos that we've had hanging over our heads since January.

Today promises to be a little spiffier, I think. I'm about to dive into the daily chores and thankfully, the list isn't very long today. After that, I have thoughts of turning my attention to the guitar and working on Gravity and perhaps even Slow Dancing In A Burn Room. One of the exciting things about learning John Mayer songs is how much they add to my store of knowledge, both musically and of guitar techniques.

After that I think I'll work a bit on Blood & Steel in honor of surviving the first round of cuts in the ABNA competition and then I'll polish off a few more wedding photos.

The weekend looks pretty promising too. Neither Bethany nor I really have to be anywhere. Patrick and Amber may drop in a bit on Saturday and Sunday looks like the kind of day of leisure that it's supposed to be. My parents are under a blizzard warning and as of this posting have nearly a foot of the cold, white stuff on the ground with the promise of more than double that amount by Sunday morning. We're not seeing any inclement weather here other than high winds, so I think the worst of it is going to miss us this time. I'm looking forward to seeing the weather break out into Spring soon.

In honor of Mom and Dad's blizzard, however, I've posted the photo you see above. I took it during a snow of about eight inches two years ago when I was experimenting with composition and other elements for a Black and White class that I was taking. I've recently rediscovered some interesting photos from that period of my career and I may post a few in the next few days as the mood strikes me.

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  1. Congrats on surviving Round 2!! I'm excited for ya! I may end up stopping by at some point this weekend too because with Chris on nights, I may be in need of human contact. hehe