Monday, August 16, 2010

Beating The Deadline

Now this was a busy Monday. But it's all good, because there's a nice bit of rain falling outside, dinner's on the stove and smelling wonderful and I have some free time to sit down tonight and look through some more of what Devan's sent me on the latest project.

I should probably tell you what it is, to begin with. I've mentioned our current work in progress a few times on the blog now without going into any details. Tentatively, it's called The Hunter, though I have to stress that it is very much a working title. Having read and enjoyed a good many young adult and children's books lately we've decided to focus our writing efforts and talents in that direction.

And since Devan and I have always been given to flights of fancy, this series of books is going to be about Druids. The old school kind of Druids that belong in the forests and are very wise and powerful. Katezerine is our main character and she'll be learning what it means to become a Druid and what impact that will have on her life. I'd tell you more of the plot but we're still fleshing out the details.

One aspect of this project that I'm enjoying is the chance to do a little actual research. Druids really existed. The legends that built up around them are somewhat far fetched, but there is a great deal of history to sift through and play with.

The writing has been fun and a little different. Since it's aimed toward younger adults, Devan and I both have had to make the effort to tone down the use of the big words that are so much fun to use. The writing also takes on a lighter tone as well.

So this should be an interesting read. I can't wait to see how it turns out.


  1. I have an interesting question to ask Josh the Writer. How do two men expect to be able to go about writing about a young girl? I assume Katezerine is young, since the books are aimed at young adults. Do you two think you know what passes through the minds of preteenaged females? or will there be extensive research in this area as well?

    Just curiosity! Inquiring minds need to know!

  2. Hey, we both have successfully made our wives fall in love with us. I think we should be able handle writing about a girl ;)