Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's Gonna Be A Monkey

I could entitle this blog post "Why You Should Never Take Your Wife To Lowe's When There's A Sale On," but if I'm being honest, it was at least partly my fault.

We've been wanting to redo the bathroom into something a little brighter. White wood paneling, a nice green up top, some more modern know, the usual. We were just getting started on the project when I was laid off from work. So naturally we cut back on our expenditures and the bathroom remodeling was set aside.

Well, months later we've come to a better financial point even though I'm still laid off. The future is still pretty uncertain, but things are looking up for a decently long while. Thanks to Bethany's sister, Heather, we have a short little family vacation coming up and then my unemployment extension came through, retroactively, which helped out a lot.

I mentioned last week that we've cleaned up the library, moved the computer and recreated the closet space in the bedroom. We went to Lowe's last night to get a closet organizer that Bethany's had her eye on. We like Lowe's now that we're homeowners and it's fun to walk around and dream about how we'd like to change our house. As we walked, we noticed the vanities had new low prices. Then we noticed the bathroom mirrors were on really, really good sale and then we stumbled on to the good sale on the faucets for the sink.

It was too good to pass up. We had intended to paint this week anyway if the schedule worked out. Now we have our sights set on something a little more ambitious: a complete overhaul of the bathroom. But it should be relatively simple. I have people that can help me with the sink. The painting should go like painting always does, painful to do but simple at the same time. The worst part will be stripping the wallpaper, which I'll be spending all day on today after Patrick and I pick up the new vanity with the built in sink.

The best part of all of this is that the entire remodeling will take less than $210, including vanity, paint and fixtures. I was pretty proud of that. I figured the sink alone would run a lot more than that.

Here's the catch.

We have a big Saturday planned. We're having a D&D session with some good friends that will take most of Saturday. The food will be excellent, the company even better and the game a lot of fun. We also have a bridal portrait session set for Friday evening after Bethany get's off work. We'd hoped to make it to Roanoke Friday evening to lay in some supplies for the pantry at Sam's. Oh, and take away Bethany's help Tuesday as she goes with her mom to Lewisburg to try out for the Greenbrier Valley Chorale (Bethany's already a member. It's her mom that's joining).

That's a lot of work on a short deadline. In the words of Bucky Katt, "It's gonna be a monkey."

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  1. Hey, I've got Tuesday free. If you get all the wall paper stripped, I'd be MORE than happy to help you paint tomorrow. I start school wednesday, so after that you're outta luck. hehe I'll call you today some time. :)

    Great deals!!