Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cleaning The Room Of Deep Thinking

I've spent the last five hours of my Saturday cleaning The Room of Deep Thinking.

My library, not the bathroom.

It worked out pretty well. I was able to free up some shelf space for magazines and a few books by tossing some old back issues of photo magazines I have no real interest in keeping. I've narrowed the collection down to three years worth of Outdoor Photographer and the six issues of Rangefinder that I somehow snagged for free. The computer has been moved into the library, which fits nicely on my old desk. I've even stored my acoustic guitar in its case under the desk, where it can be easily accessed, and my electric is in the stand in the corner where my fantasy section is shelved.

I took stock of what I have read and haven't read in my library as I cleaned. I moved two volumes to the To Read Shelf in the bedroom. Other than those, there are only half a dozen books in here I haven't read and I plan on donating some of those to the library. My comic book collection is put away a little better now. I'm hoping I'll find a couple extra binders as I'm cleaning the rest of the house so that I can get my entire Spider-Man collection protected.

Now that the computer has been moved, space has been freed up in the bedroom for the closet that we both could make use of. Once that gets put in place, then we'll have more room in the spare bedroom to actually have a spare bedroom free of clutter. And once that happens we'll be able to clean up the smaller storage room, shift what needs to into storage into our main storage room and then perhaps redecorate and have a small but serviceable small bedroom just off the room with the television.

I should have had all of this done by now since I've been off work for six months. I guess I just wasn't in the mood 'till today, when I finally had a free Saturday and Bethany was tied up with processing wedding photos.

Maybe since I've cleaned she'll take me out to dinner if I ask real nicely...

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