Monday, August 23, 2010

Looking For Artwork

I really want an Amazing Spider-Man poster for my library. And I mean a good one. Not one of the new contemporary art styles. No, I want a really badass, 90s Todd McFarlane Spider-Man piece of art. That was the Spider-Man I grew up with and those really big eyes on the mask were awesome.

The first comic book that I ever purchased with my own money was Spider-Man Megazine #1. 92 pages of classic Spidey stories. It had Daredevil and the Vulture and the Human Torch and I was hooked for there after on Spider-Man. He was just a teenager, a kid really, who like books and science and was a photographer who just happened to have super powers and therefore had to save the world while trying to have a normal life. No matter how big the opponent or how bad a beating he took, he came back for more and never stopped mouthing off about it.

I admired that.

Now this poster is from the McFarlane era and pretty cool, though it's a little large. Or this one, which is the cover for Issue #122 that was an extremely major turning point in the series waaay back in the day. Now this poster is pretty vintage McFarlane, but there's no way I'd ever shell out that much for it, even if it was never displayed.

I hear all you people out there in blog land laughing at my penchant for comics books. But let me show something. When I'm rich and famous (notice I said when and not if) I'll be buying comic books like this one right here.

Yes, that's right. That comic is selling for over a grand. How cool is that?

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