Monday, August 9, 2010

How Much Wine? The Whole Bottle

Monday morning finds me at home polishing off the last of Brimstone, which had a cliffhanger ending that is going to completely disrupt my reading schedule. But that's another story for another blog.

At any rate, the week looks promising and open. I'll spend today processing Bethany's wedding pics and cleaning the house. There's a load of laundry spinning 'round the washing machine as write. Later, if all goes as planned, I'll hit the gym with Bryan and then cook pork chops for dinner.

Oh, speaking of dinner, we were invited down to Patrick and Amber's apartment last night for our first dinner with them since they were married. We made a pretty interesting chicken dish out of a Food &Wine cookbook. I'd tell you what it was called, but I can't remember and it doesn't matter anyway since we completely changed the recipe. Admittedly, the first mistake was mine. I misread the amount of wine that was supposed to be added to this dish. Instead of the six tablespoons that was listed, I read off six cups. So we upended the whole bottle into an eight-cup measuring cup and realized we were going to come up two cups short. We dumped it in anyway brought it to a simmer with an extra three-quarters of a cup of crushed tomatoes.

It was then that Amber read the recipe and realized that we'd blown it completely. Being the fearless souls in the kitchen that we are, Patrick and I started improvising. We threw in the entire can of tomatoes, parsley (which apparently should have went in with the wine) and tossed in some sliced and baked zucchini and squash. Forty minutes later it was an excellent dish, nameless but very tasty when coupled with the nice loaf of bread from the Food Lion bakery. I'd link you to the recipe as I've done on previous posts, but it's impossible since it came out of a book at their house and since we more or less just made it up as we went along anyway.

One of the highlights of the week will be the book sale at the C.P. Jones Memorial Library in Covington Saturday morning. I'm planning on taking some books over to donate to the sale on Wednesday when I go into town. I don't really need any extra books to read since my To Read Stack is pretty deep at the moment, but I'll at least see a few people I know and will probably take Bethany's grandma with me.

Thanks to the estimable Special Agent Pendergast, I'm rediscovering my love of detective novels. Bethany even bought me a used copy of Agatha Christie's The Labours of Hercules, a novel I started to read so long ago that I've forgotten how it goes.

I'm also pretty happy to say that the writing seems to be going well. The resolution to write every day is starting to pay off as I'm finding the tone for The Hunter, the first volume in mine and Devan's new series.

So it's Monday. There are plenty of jobs in the paper to apply for, I have a baked potato to eat for lunch, a television to watch and enough books to keep me happily reading through the month (I think). Life's pretty good.

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