Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Never Ending Cycle Of Kool-Aide

Every Wednesday should start out this way.

I checked my e-mail this morning before leaving the house and discovered that Amazon was offering me a free copy of the latest New York Times Book Review for download on my Kindle. Naturally, I took them up on the offer and then discovered another link to a free sci-fi novel that looked to be of interest. Yes, every Wednesday should start out this way.

I'm finding that keeping my promise to write something every day is more difficult than I first imagined. Simply put, life just gets in the way. Take this weekend, for example. I was busy at a wedding Saturday, at my Grandma's birthday party on Sunday...Monday I blogged, fulfilling the promise, Tuesday I was away from the house the entire day, and today I've been pretty busy running errands and catching up on house work.

Now it's five o'clock and I'm finally ready to sit down and see about getting some serious ink on the page. Well, almost ready. I need a tall glass of cherry Kool-Aide. Oh, and I need to look up Ridley Pearson's first Lou Boldt detective novel and see if I can get it for a penny...which makes me think that I need to go to the library and get my card renewed so I can enjoy the mystery section there...which reminds me that I applied for a job at the library in Goshen, which makes me think that I should get a hair cut on the off chance that get an interview, which reminds me that I should go change the laundry over, which brings me back to the Kool-Aide...

You see, it's a never ending cycle.

But since it's now 5:25 and I've taken a phone call that completely interrupted my train of thought I'm going to wrap this up and actually do the writing I've been blogging about.

I still need a glass of Kool-Aide though.


  1. seriously, aren't you a tad old for kool aid? LOL It's sugar and food colouring! ;)

  2. You're never too old for Kool-Aide. Cranked out an entire chapter with four glasses.