Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An Aimless Day That's Finding Direction

So I haven't really made a great deal of progress on anything really creative today. It was a bit of an odd day in which I've only started to mentally wrap my mind around everything that's going on. Being unemployed, albeit temporarily and hopefully briefly, is mentally stressful. Right now it's hard to enjoy any of the time I have to myself since I don't yet have any real answers on how much help the unemployment funds will be or any thought on how long this will last. I can fly by the seat of my pants with the best of them, but to take that flying leap I have to first know where I stand. Tomorrow I'm going to meet with an Employment Commission representative so I hope to have more of a feel after that.

I played a little guitar today, but really only played some songs that I knew just to take my mind away from thinking about everything else. I didn't quite make it to writing more of Blood & Steel today, but I'm at the cusp of one of those planned scenes that I've had in my head for a while and I hope that after tomorrow morning I'll be able to get some ink down on paper.

As I started writing this post my good friend Dick Muterspaugh texted me with the name of a band he'd just discovered, Iron and Wine. After listening to their first tune I clicked through to some more of their stuff and found a great tune, Naked As We Came. I just flipped on Boy With A Coin and the guitar is amazing. This definitely something I'll be passing on to a couple other of my friends and I hope you'll take the time to look them up. I'm always excited about discovering new music and artists and that certainly makes the day end a little easier.

Now that the day is coming to a close and the wind is howling outside and rattling the windows in the house I think that I'll pick up O'Brian's H.M.S. Surprise and see how the intrepid Captain Jack Aubrey is about to take to the seas against the naval forces and allies of Napoleon Bonaparte.

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