Monday, February 15, 2010

A Day Fraught With Possibilities

So here it goes. A day where I'm only going to focus on the projects that need my attention and not other worries. I'm going to spend some time in the working notebook for Blood & Steel and see where that gets me. I'm going pick up the ol' acoustic and see what I can work out on Iron and Wine's Naked As We Came, which is rapidly becoming one of my favorite tunes. And then I'm gong to polish off the portraits of my little cousin, Lauren, that I've put off for too long because I've hit a wall that wants to hold me back from processing pics. After that I'll cook dinner and watch the Monday night comedies (or the Olympics) with Bethany.

I have a quiet, snowy house surrounding me that will only help fuel the creative fires. I can crank music, get into the groove of writing and put the words down without distraction. Today is a day fraught with possibilities. And reconstituted homemade chicken noodle soup for lunch.

It's really snowing outside now. There's a forecast calling for another four inches on top of what we can't get rid of on the ground. The icicles hanging almost to the ground from my roof were finally starting to melt and break off. For a while it was like looking through prison bars made of ice. I somehow doubt the melting process will be gaining any ground today.

Oh, and I found an interesting new blog this morning, Writing in the Wilderness. It seems so much harder to find blogs about writing than other blogs, but this one looks promising. I'm interested in following future posts.

More later. It's time to get busy.

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