Wednesday, February 17, 2010

An Avian Visitor

It's been a while since I uploaded an image to the blog and I was so excited about this one that I couldn't wait until later to post it.

Since I'm home alone most days now I open up all the blinds and turn off all the lights. With all the snow outside there's plenty of bright, natural light to see and read by in the house. Of course, this fun habit tends to cut into walking around the house naked, but oh well.

I was talking to Dad on the phone and just happened to be looking out the bedroom window when this hawk swooped right over the corner of the house, through the yard and up to a perch in the neighbor's pine tree above her shed. Naturally I lunged for a camera and shoes, frantically trying to tie them while praying that the hawk didn't move from its perch.

I carefully went out the back door, moving easily so as not to make too much noise and scare my subject off. I even took my time walking through the snow, stopping every few steps to give the hawk time to adjust to my presence and not see me as a threat.

The sky is washed out, as happens when you're shooting into the sun with a very shaded subject. Even still, I was able to get at least two very good photos of this majestic creature before it became tired of me bothering it and flew deeper into the woods. I probably could have waited a few minutes and pursued, but I thought better of it since my feet were cold and wet.

It's been a while since I've taken a nature photo. It kind of makes me want to attempt to hike Roaring Run before the snow melts off.

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