Monday, February 1, 2010

Directing The Rambles

Well it's Monday again and back to work. I enjoy my job, though it does have some very steep moments that make me question what in the world I'm doing climbing a mountain with all that gear on my back. It's challenging, both mentally and physically and I appreciate that.

It was a good weekend, though Saturday was snowy and hectic with the wedding. I didn't get anything written but I read a bit of Arms-Commander and continued to pick up the main riff of One Last Breath by Creed. It's the longest riff I've attempted to learn to date and I figure on being at the polishing stage (hopefully) by the weekend.

My next musical goal in life is to pick up John Mayer's Gravity and Free Fallin'. Yes, I know that Tom Petty originally did Free Fallin', but I actually prefer Mayer's acoustic cover. I think I'm going to start looking into lessons again. They're good to keep me honest on reading music and playing techniques and I need to pick up more musical theory if I want to write my own music someday.

I guess that here is as good a time as any to talk about the changes in the ol' blog here lately. This project started out as a way to reach out into the worlds of photography that I enjoy. While that still happens on occasion, I've found that I'm turning more to exploring writing and the creative process, be it in music, photography or writing. It's turned into a notebook of sorts that I use to explore what happens in my every day life and look for deeper thoughts among the mundane.

After watching Julie & Julia Sunday afternoon I became enamored with the idea of dedicating the blog to a project and sticking with it. After some careful thought (mostly in a long shower because that's where some of my best thinking happens) I decided that devoting this blog to one project in particular would be a bit boring. After all, writing is a solitary art for the most part and the process is generally of interest only to other writers.

So I've decided to dedicate this blog to exploring the creative process itself. You'll see the same sort of posts you have been seeing lately. Sometimes they'll be about writing, other times about guitars and music. Sometimes I'll just write about what happened that day and what I've been thinking about and then I'll throw in a dash of photography.  When it's all said and done I'll tie it, however it fits, into the projects I'm working on.

That does seem to be a broad outline, doesn't it? Truth is I don't know where this blogging project will take me. I'm enjoying it, especially now that I'm finding both time and opportunity to blog on a daily basis. I don't know if there's even anyone out the reading this, but if you are, thanks. Feel free to pass it along to people you know, be sure to sign up to follow (it's free and easy to do) and definitely feel free to add some comments of your own.

I'll also be experiment with new features, just like the media player at the bottom of the blog. I'll add some different music when the mood strikes, quite possibly some instrumental stuff to minimize distractions as you read.

So keep in touch and keep reading. I have no idea where it's all going to take me. It'll be fun to find out.

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