Saturday, February 6, 2010

Spirits And Vibrato

You know what I find amusing? Brown paper bags.

The roads were clear enough to make it out to Kroger for a couple of things we didn't have in stock. Bethany and I are planning on baking up a couple of loaves of bread before the Super Bowl kicks off tomorrow and we needed some yeast and she wanted some sharp cheddar for a cheese sandwich. While I was out I took the opportunity to put in some spirits for the cooking. White wine does great stuff for chicken and port works wonders on mushrooms. A bottle of either of these will last for months in my house since neither Bethany or I actually drink.

But I find the brown paper bag humorous. These bottles ride through the store in my buggy in plain sight. I obviously have no problem purchasing the wine or the port. Yet when it comes to time to place these bottles in the reusable black bags that we take to Kroger, they bag these bottles up in individual brown paper bags that are longer than my shopping bags are tall in an effort to be discrete as if no one would know what was in the bag.

I guess I just found that amusing.

On a completely unrelated note I spent a little time on the Strat this evening and for the first time pulled off the vibrato. Unless you play guitar, it's going to be hard for you to geek out with me on this, but it's exciting. Basically you play the note and then run your finger across the string for the length of the fret. Vibrato wasn't something that I picked up in my lessons last year and it's a technique I'll need for playing a lot of songs on my Strat.

After all the power surges we've had here it seems as if things have finally settled back down. The roads are driveable and the skies are clear. The weatherman says that won't last and that there's another storm moving in Tuesday, but we'll commence to swimming when we hit the creek as my main man Jed Clampett once told Jethro.

Why borrow trouble?

Oh, and my Super Bowl pick? Saints by a score.

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