Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow Shovels and Pizza

It's snowing! And surprisingly our road has been scraped. We're usually the absolute last road that gets scraped, which tells me one of two of things. The first is that VDOT is staying ahead of the storm this time and actually keeping the roads fairly clean. The second is that they feel bad because they haven't scraped our road in either of the past two snows and they're trying to make up for it. I kind of favor this theory because they sent two plows, one about 50 feet behind the other.

Bethany finally completed the quest for a snow shovel yesterday. After calling around nearly everywhere looking for shovel, I had given up hope before Bethany found one of the last few in the Highlands down at the True Value. The Farmer's Almanac is predicting 80 inches of snow this February. I'm ready for it now.

After getting in really late from the Jason Aldean concert last night we slept in 'till late morning today, I woke up and made a few phone calls to talk to my family and now I have two slices of thin crust supreme Pizza Hut pizza reheating in the oven. Today is promising to be a good day.

We had great seats at the concert last night...row 7. I'm glad I wore ear plugs, though, because my ears felt great afterward. The bass was so heavy that you could feel it shaking the concrete floor of the civic center. I could even feel the air inside my pants legs vibrate in time with the beat. Jason Aldean had two opening acts, the biggest of which was Luke Bryan. Luke's lead guitarist was one of the better guitarists I've ever seen in concert. I'd have to say that the best I've ever seen was Brad Paisley and the second best would be Larry Chaney, who plays lead for Edwin McCain.

Yes, today promises to be full of progress on the projects. I only have a little laundry to do, so I figure I'll do that and spend some time with my wife in addition to writing and working on the six string. Since I've been learning One Last Breath and Gravity I've mostly been playing my Fender Starcaster, but I might even break out the acoustic and work on Free Fallin' just a bit. And since I'm home, I'll have pretty much all day to marinate something for dinner.

Life is good. And I don't care if my road is clean or not. I'm happily snowed in.

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